Friday, August 31, 2007

Patron saint of the geeks

I was crossing the Karlov bridge in Prague when I noticed an unusual statue. The inscription says it represents Saint Bytus, patron saint of geeks.

Bytus was a Christian saint from Sardinia. He was martyred for advocating of the use of zero during the persecution of scholars by Roman Emperor Eugenius in 404 AD. St. Bytus is considered the patron saint of actuaries, mathematicians, gilders, anatidaephobics, and dyslectics. He also protects against falling meteors, lightning strikes, rabbit attacks, and oversleeping. Bytus is often confused with the homophonic St. Vitus, best known for his association with dance known as "St. Vitus Dance".

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A walk in the Alps

(Click on this picture for an expanded view)

This image is a composite of several photos my son took in Switzerland in late July. The location is in the Alps near Interlaken, just above a place called Obersteinberg. Across the valley, there is a good view of Eiger, Monk, and Jungfrau, three of the tallest mountains in the country. We were at the top of a pass, and the image covers about a 250 degree angle. Kinda makes you want to yodel.
© 2008 Raoul Rubin