Friday, May 30, 2008

Why me?

Every time I travel these days my bag gets searched. How do I know? Well, they tell me about it by leaving a friendly reminder in my duffel bag. So far I've got quite a collection of inspection notices.

Why me?

I've got three theories about it:

1) Several years ago a drug sniffing dog flagged me at the port of Charleston. I had a legal prescription for pain killers in my bag. TSA searched all my luggage in detail, taking out each pair of dirty underwear and checking inside every shoe. The officers were polite and apologized for the inconvenience, insisting that this was a random search. Regardless, they spent a lot of time typing information into the computer.

2. In 2004 I volunteered for a campaign that was trying to defeat the sitting president. Perhaps I got on a list. Probably not - I'm not important enough to harass.

3. I often travel with a green military style duffel bag. A friend suggested that they always search military baggage. I don't know if this is true, but It's plausible. (Maybe it's just like the bag Osama uses when he visits.)

Well, I guess it's just the price of being ever-vigilant in the war on drugs.

© 2008 Raoul Rubin